The Dark

by Without Sanity

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This is my first full length studio album. I want to dedicate it to:
My Dad, who has always been my biggest fan.
My Mum, for putting up with the racket when I lived at home.
My wife, for putting up with the racket now.
Sir Terry Pratchett, who inspired large parts of this album as well as the over-arching theme with his amazing works, most notably "Thud!".


released July 25, 2015

Allen Vincent - Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals, other, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, making the tea, transport and vast amounts of procrastination.



all rights reserved


Without Sanity Manchester, UK

Without Sanity are based in Manchester, UK and deliver a combination of hard rock, metal, acoustic and alternative flavours.

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Track Name: Waiting Dark (Intro)
Rainy streets we run down, in this dark and lonely town.
The rain is heavy on my head and I might just end up dead.
Something's waiting in the dark.

In the dark of nowhere, look close and you will find me there.
The rain has soaked me to the bone and I'm never going home.
I am waiting in the dark.
Track Name: The Dark
I walk these streets alone and I'm far from home,
And I don't know what to do but I'm looking for you,
And all I find is darkness.
On the edge of sight, in this endless night,
Phantoms twist and writhe and I just want to stay alive.

It's in my heart and in my head,
The darkness wants me dead.
It take my sight and leaves me cold,
It seeps into my soul,
And I know that there's no way back for me,
From the darkness you can't see.

The dark it never ends and the fear it sends,
Works its way inside my mind.
And the more I fight, trying to find the light,
Only leads me deeper inside.


The dark is closing in around me,
And there is nothing I can see,
Everything is shrouded from me.
The dark has worked its way inside me,
And it will never let me be.
The dark is part of me.

I walk these streets alone and I'm far from home,
And now I see that I'll never get to be free.
So, in the dark I'll stay, phantoms twist and fray,
As the shadows close in around me.


Track Name: Fire In The Blackness
A fire in the blackness,
Midnight in a mineshaft.
The walls come down, the roof collapsed.
Blackness in a mineshaft.

Voices without sound from a mile underground,
Things you can't believe live in air that can't be breathed.
Deep within the black, there's a demon at your back.
You can feel his breath upon your neck and soon he will attack.

You don't know what you will find,
In a place that came before mankind.
You don't know what's lurking there,
In the fetid stinking air.
Jagged rocks like broken teeth,
Rushing waters underneath.
Where it's headed, you don't know.
Currents drag you down below.

A fire in the blackness.
Midnight in a mineshaft.
One small spark ignites the dark.
You can't escape the madness.

Voices without sound from a mile underground,
Things you can't believe live in air that can't be breathed.
There's no way to hide from the demon deep inside,
As his claws are pressed against your chest to split you open wide.

Track Name: Proof
There's no such thing as easy answers in this world,
No such thing as stupid questions, let your mind unfurl,
'Cos everyone deserves the chance to learn.
No such thing as too much information,
Fixation on a mistranslation leads to aberration.
Why can't they see?

The future's here and so are we,
Yet life remains a mystery.
Everything we think we know,
Could turn out to be false tomorrow.
The only way to know for sure,
Is to learn a little more.
Some may claim to know the truth,
But they never show their proof.

The more we learn the less we know,
That's how we make the knowledge grow.
Easy answers are like cancers,
Making us content to except old lies in gaudy wrappers,
Written to entice and trap us,
But I'll not accept that noose around my neck
I'll never be content to give thinking up for lent,
Don't let them circumvent our progress.
Why can't they see?

Track Name: Democracy Unravelled
Speak out load or be lost as a face in the crowd.
Don't play their game, in the end they're all the same.
They want you to think that you're free,
But you're not and you never will be.
We all live in democracy that's broken.

Toe the line, obey the rules and you'll be just fine.
Close your eyes and pretend your freedoms aren't paralysed.
They're out of touch and out of time, sticking to the party line,
Acting like a bunch of clowns, as the country's going down,
Throwing paper on TV, disregarding you and me,
That's not what I call democracy.

The country's broken, it means nothing if the people have spoken.
They take away a piece of freedom every day.
They run our lives, the country rots from the inside.
All these politicians are bluffing,
They'll do what they want and your vote means nothing.

We're out of time and out of luck, 'cos they just don't give a fuck.
They don't care about the people, they just makes their pockets deeper.
But the money isn't free, they steal it from you and me,
In this joke of a democracy.

Track Name: Boxes
Fighting through the dust and sand, fighting in a desert land,
Soldiers fighting side by side, fighting just to stay alive.
The enemy is all around, everywhere the killing sounds.
Out under the blazing sun, dancing to the sound of bombs.

Coming home in boxes, coming home in bits.
The leaders send the troops to war and they don't give a shit.
Coming home in pieces or not coming home at all.
In a land of blood and sand, where the bodies fall.

Johnny was a soldier, he went to fight the war.
Then one day a mortar fell and Johnny was no more.
Jimmy was a sailor, riding on the waves,
Until a floating mine sent him to an early grave.
Billy was an airman, flying up on high,
But with the missiles closing in, it's Billy's day to die.
Bobby was a doctor, just trying to do his part,
But when his camp was overrun they shot him in the heart.

Track Name: Wasted Land
Here I sit and watch the world fall down all around my head.
Only ash where once was trees, under a sky of red.
Bodies lay where they fell, the ground their final bed.
Haunted now, this wasted land, by the screaming of the dead.

Wasted land of wasted dreams,
Pulls and tears at breaking seams.
The cracks appear, we never learn.
Water leaps and fires burn.
Ruined lives of broken bones,
Lie outside their broken homes.
Nothing left but ash and sand,
We all made this wasted land.

Here I sit and watch the world fall down, It's coming to an end.
We can't fix this broken world, it's beyond our skill to mend.
We deserve this wasted land, on this you can depend.
Time to take our final bow as the sky descends.

Track Name: Who Watches The Watchman
Something moves behind my eyes,
In the darkness something stirring.
Approaching footsteps in my mind,
In the mist a shape is blurring.

The bars are coming down,
The cage is like a coffin.
With evil all around,
Who watches the watchman?

An ancient superstition,
Rising from beneath,
All the fears of a thousand years,
Filled with tails and teeth.
A very real nightmare,
Seeping from the black.
It leaves its sign through all of time,
But the watchman keeps it back.

The darkness is within,
The daylight is forgotten.
The guarding dark is him.
He watches the watchman.

Track Name: Losing My Mind
What's the point if I've got no time?
What's the point if it's all on the line?
What's the point if the sun don't shine in my mind?

What's the point if I'm all alone?
What's the point if you're never coming home?
What's the point if all I can do is wait inside for you?

'Cos I got no time and I'm losing my mind.
A weakness in the brain, I'm going insane.

Where dya go when you've nothing left?
Where dya go to get it off your chest?
Where dya find the strength to carry on into the sun?

'Cos I got no time and I'm losing my mind.
A weakness in the brain, I'm going insane.

'Cos we're out of time and we're losing our minds.
A weakness in the brain, we're all insane.